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Driving class requirements and costs

DOT certified 


$50 + tax per hour

• 6 hours for $280 + tax and 10 hours for $450 + tax

• Wear footwear with a maximum 1 inch heel height

• Always bring your driving permit

• If you have an a driving permit restriction, you must have your    

  corrective lenses

• Keep long hair from interfering with vision while driving

The average adult student requires about 30 minutes of lessons per year of age to achieve basic driving ability. A 20-year-old student would require about 10 hours of lessons. A 40-year-old would need about 20 hours of instruction.


Some students learn quickly while others take a bit longer. Contact us today to learn more. Teen drivers are also welcome.

Adults have been relying on About Driving LLC for expert instruction for more than 18 years.

Want to learn how to drive like a pro?

Learning to drive from friends or family can be stressful and inconvenient. Let the pros at About Driving LLC teach you what you need to know to become a safe and confident driver. You'll love our affordable rates and convenient daily operating hours.

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James, About Driving LLC's owner, has successfully completed the AAA Driver Improvement Program. With private in-car instruction, you can be assured you'll be prepared for the open road.

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